Aglini Donna


AGLINI (“Альини”) is an exclusive high-premium brand created in the city of Sansepolcro, between Umbria and Toscana, where the best traditions of handmade production of highest quality were preserved.

Due to the more than 40-year experience in manufacturing men’s shirts since 1968, using only natural fabrics of high quality and handmade accessories, AGLINI has won the hearts of its customers very fast, and continues increasing their number all over the world.

The perfect quality and only natural fabrics, creative approach and exclusive models, each detail of the collection can satisfy the most discerning consumers.


  • - The use of only natural Italian fabrics and handmade accessories;
  • - Aglini is a unique combination of style and quality, tradition and innovation, elegance and modernity;
  • - Pronounced truly-Italian high style;
  • - Exclusive prints and colors;
  • - Sizes from 38 to 48;

Aglini presents men’s and women’s total look with two collections in a year.

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