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SUPERSTUDIO is the exclusive distributor.

Forever in support of fashion companies in the Russian and CIS market.

We are the partner of Italian fashion brands wishing to succeed and stand out in the Russian market looking to become an essential part of that market. Together, we transfer our culture into the language of local competition, having the first-hand experience of being simultaneously present in the two different markets every day. Through an organised team of young professionals, we share objectives and strategies with our partners, accompanying them step by step in defining a successful business methodology. It is a model of relationship that we are also successfully applying to international fashion brands.

As pioneers of the opening of the Russian market to Italian fashion brands to their all-round local partners, our history covers 25 years of expertise of carefully managing distribution modelled on the Italian system, within the former Soviet Union, with all the advantages of a consultancy that is based on concrete supervision of the territory and on building a unique and distinctive brand recognition to improve each brand performance.

With headquarters in Riccione (Rimini) and a permanent showroom in Moscow, our double mastery of the Italian and Russian markets means we can give fast local feedback, manage operations in Italy effectively and at the same time keep a watchful eye on the store in Russia. Our point of view is that of consultancy made incisive by a partnership developed on several levels.

We believe in the crucial importance of establishing a transparent relationship with the companies we represent. Through our warehousing service, we reduce complexity for them in having to be in the market with their own sales network by offering the advantage of a unique and competent representative, while also being capable of ensuring complete visibility for the company on the positioning of its brand.

Currently, our portfolio has over 500 active stores and a network of more than 1,500 prospects.

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